About Us

Welcome to Jack Halyards, We used to blog about our Seafood Restaurant that's located in Oyster Bay (New York), and Now we are sharing the strategy we have used to make it this far with our project to its success.
If you are like us, then you have a passion for success and making your project work.

Jack Halyards is team collaboration system that is a great fit for any teams looking to work together. With a clean, modern and highly interactive design you can easily collaborate with your team members in order to get tasks done.

We take care of every single detail in the system, the design is done from scratch to fit your need. The navigation between pages is done as (SPA) which means you get a very snappy UI and you can smoothly navigate between the system’s sections. We chose the most powerful technologies to build this system

Learn about the features we provide:
Jack Halyards provides you a great projects management platform with the following major features:
Single Page Application (SPA) designed system, very interactive and snappy UI like Gmail!
Minimal dashboard to focus on your overall organization insights and KPIs
Manage your projects and assign team members to them
Select a unique color for your projects to easily identify to which project the task is belongs to
Set starting dates and deadlines for your projects and tasks
Archive your old organization’s projects
Projects card that show you pending tasks and how many days left for the project deadline
Kanban board for your projects
Create Kanban columns and cards, and easily sort them by dragging and dropping them
Assign tasks to specific team member and set a due date
A seperate discussion section for each tasks
Upload attachments for each tasks while you are commenting on the discussion board of the task
List all attachments of the task to easily download them
Pin the project as a favorite one so you can easily access it through the sidebar
A dedicated page to list all tasks assigned to you with predefined filters to ease your work
A dedicated calendar view to list all your tasks and their deadlines. Tasks are colored as the project’s color.
Manage your system settings and team members with their roles.